Wicked 11" Plastic Organizers-INDIVIDUAL Tray (1)



Introducing an innovative system for your plastic trays and/or organizers to help make your day at the lake a lot more relaxing and a lot less like work!
Each one of these plastic organizers will come in a different color (green, yellow, blue & gray), and allows you to organize your lures by top-water, deep diving, lipless, soft plastic...what ever you have, you can organize it with the Tackle Identification Systemâ„¢ (T.I.S.)
Stop digging though your tackle box trying to figure out "what lure" is in "what tray" and get your Wicked plastic organizers today!
DIMENSIONS: 10.75" x 7" x 1.5"
*Organizers come with adjustable compartments. (Make each section longer or shorter by either removing or adding the dividers that come with the trays.