Wicked Fishing Fanny Pack with TWO (2) 11" T.I.S. Plastic Organizers



CCOFPG – Wicked Fisherman’s Fanny Pack

Contemporary Classic Outdoors is now bringing you the most cost-efficient and practical soft-sided tackle boxes that you could ever wish to own. No trip to your favorite fishing hole is complete without all of your favorite lures and gear and this new tackle storage system can help you avoid coming home empty-handed!
Made out of quality polyester material the CCOFPG Wicked tackle bag is the ultimate Fisherman’s Fanny Pack! Equipped with two 1100 T.I.S. storage boxes complete with adjustable compartments! Additionally, each one of these plastic organizers will come in a different color, thus allowing you to organize your lures by top-water, deep diving, lipless, soft plastic...what ever you have, you can organize it with the Tackle Identification System™ (T.I.S.) all the while having it strapped to your waist for easy access.
As if that isn't enough, this fishing fanny pack also comes with the following features:

-High Quality Nylon Zippers
-Easy to Open Large Pull Tabs
-Two (2) Large Exterior Storage Pockets w/ Additional Organizing Pockets Inside.
-Large Wide Padded Belt and Back for Your Comfort
-Two (2) Water Bottle Pockets
-Two (2) Quick Access Vinyl Mesh Pockets
-If you're looking for that brand new bag at the right price for your fishing season, look no further! The CCOFPG Wicked Fisherman’s Fanny Pack is for you!

**Please note that this is a larger version of the popular Wicked Fishing (CCOWFP) Fanny Pack as this particular version (CCOFPG) was designed to include two (2) 11" TIS Plastic Organizers.